Erik Neff

The newest member of the team here at SLS, but has become lead content creator for the site, and is responsible for the retooling of the site that is currently underway. When you aren’t here on SLS reading his opinions and insights on St. Louis sports, you can check out his betting advice over at (, where he is the co-creator and content director.

Mr. Neff plans on fully launching the new site(BettingMidwest), in September of 2020. Stay tuned for his work here at SLS diving deep into the Cardinals, among other things. Be prepared for some boiling hot takes. You can also find Erik live tweeting every Cardinals and Blues game on twitter (@erikneff86).

Rodney Knuppel

Rodney has been around St. Louis Sports since he could walk and talk. As early as 3 years old, Rodney was jumping up and down to the sounds of Jack Buck. “Go Crazy Folks” is a term used often by Rodney, in reference to his favorite sporting teams. 

Rodney was in attendance in spirit for the 1982 champion Cardinals, as he was just 2 months old. Then, in 2006 and 2011 – his dreams came true, as he was at Busch Stadium for both titles. He also remembers those late night playoff games the St. Louis Blues would play in, sending him to bed at late hours.

While he never played hockey, it’s a sport that he feels he can hang with the best of them in terms of knowledge. Brett Hull is one of Rodney’s favorite Blues of all time. For many years, he would attend Peoria Rivermen games to see the next up and coming Blues players.

Rodney has been writing about sports online for years now. With guest blog posts all over the internet, along with informative writing for many sports websites. He loves his team, but also knows when the right time to call them out is. Rodney feels every day, all day is the proper time to wear Cardinals and Blues attire.

Ryan Knuppel

One of the co-founders of this site.  Knup (Ryan) is a huge Cardinals fan with a growing interest in the Blues.  He is the previous owner of and but since the departure of Albert Pujols – Knup has rid himself of these two sites and helped launch!

Ryan has tons of web experience such as design, writing, linking, internet marketing and more.  If you have a specific question about STLS you should contact Knup right away.

Tom Knuppel

Everyone’s favorite Dad, Tom is the father of Ryan and Rodney. Not only can you find Tom’s brilliant work on SLS, but he also runs ( and Just a few of the sites that laid the foundation for the Sports 2.0 network.