Mozeliak Sleeps 6 Hours Plus 2017 Cardinal Blogger Day Comments

Sunday was a fantastic day to be a St. Louis Cardinals fan. Well, especially a blogger for the St. Louis Cardinals. The 2017 version of Blogger Day was fantastic, and the best part – a Cardinals sweep!

Legends Club for All Inclusive

The day started by taking us straight to our Legends Club seats. When it was 93 degrees outside, it was nice to have the inside area to enjoy the game. We love the Legends Club, because of the ability to go inside and outside. The food was served pretty quickly, and our bartender in the club was first class.

While we got our food, which included nachos, a burger, Italian sausage, pasta and much more – we were able to her from a few members of the St. Louis Cardinals ownership.

Drinks were included as well. The Saint Louis Sports, and team did a good job of “trying” out all of the soda. Plus, if you were a fan of beer or hard alcohol, that was included too right outside the club doors.

Mozeliak Reads Us Bloggers!

General Manager John Mozeliak was first. And we have to admit – we weren’t sure what we would get from the Cardinals GM. Coming off the 7 game losing streak, and with the moves done Friday, it could have been really easy for John to “skip out” on the question and answer session with the Cardinals Blogger.

In actuality, it was quite the opposite. John Mozeliak was fantastic in his answers. You’ve probably seen that SLS founder Rodney has been pretty hard on the General Manager, but his tenure in St. Louis really has been pretty solid. He answered some great questions, with even better answers.

After responding with a thought about how they take all the tough decisions they have and take a night to think about it, Rodney was able to jokingly ask him how many hours of sleep he gets per night. The answer from the General Manager was 6. We were honestly surprised. He seems like the guy that gets 3-4 or less.

He talked to us bloggers for a good 30-45 minutes and answered everything very candidly. Mo was even very light hearted about things, for instance, when talking about Matt Carpenter being a 3-4 hitter he said, “Yeah — I was wrong.”

Mozeliak mentioned many times that he followed what us bloggers do. He watches Twitter, he watched the STL CardGals videos, and reads many of the blogs. Pretty cool for us little bloggers to hear. Thanks Mo!

Bill Dewitt III Talks All Business

After Mo was done, he took off and said he had to take care of a few things. Funny back story, like 15 minutes later an alert comes across about a Cardinals transaction that just took place. He literally went up to his office and hit the GO button. Lol.

Ok, so now it was Bill Dewitt III turn to talk to us bloggers. He is the current President of the Cardinals and son of owner Bill Dewitt Jr.

Dewitt was all business. He talked about the Ballpark Village project and how the 2nd phase is well underway. He gave us an idea of BPV will look in the future.

He answered several questions about the business side of the Cardinals. We didn’t record them all, but simply found it fascinating to listen to such a great business mind talk Cardinal baseball.

A few thoughts:

  • It is definitely a long term plan to stay in Southeast Florida for Spring Training.
  • They are going to upgrade Roger Dean Stadium in the near future.
  • He’s not concerned or really even interested in the “valuation” of the ballclub. If it was “for sale” he would be. But the Cardinals are a LONG TERM investment for his family so that doesn’t mean anything to him.

Dewitt ended by hanging with some bloggers and taking some pictures. Thanks Bill!

More About the Food from the Chef

Every year the main chef for the club gets a chance to tell us bloggers about the food we are eating. He also talks about some of the new offerings.

They served the food for quite some time. I want to say it was 5th or 6th inning. The brownies and cookies were excellent, and they kept those out throughout the game.

Can’t Wait for Next Year’s Cardinal Blogger Event

A huge thanks to Marybeth Rea of the Cardinals for setting this up and inviting our team here at! THANKS MARYBETH. First class event that proves even more that we support a first class team.

It’s always a great time at the Cardinals Blogger Event, but 2017 was one of our favorites. Thank you St. Louis Cardinals for your time and effort at putting the 2017 Blogger Event together. Until next year!


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