How does the lockout reflect on the Cardinals ownership?

How will Cardinal fans view their front office members after the lockout?

With no deal in sight for the MLB and the MLBPA, what are we going to lose this season, and how does this reflect on the Cardinals ownership and front office?

How does the lockout reflect on the Cardinals ownership?

Today is the last day that a deal could be made in order to start the season on time. The owners continue to stall the negotiations and this season is in jeopardy of losing games. A message was sent out this morning, that barring “an eleventh-hour miracle” the season would not be starting on time.

Rob Manfred continues to be a bad face for baseball and the sport. At what point will the fans and players revolt? The players understand and agree that they will not be caving to the owners.

When looking at the question of how this reflects upon the Cardinals ownership, they are in a tricky situation.

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The Cardinals front office and ownership are known to be loyal to their fans. They are a down-to-earth group that realizes the importance of putting out a good product for their fans, those that pay their bills. As owners, they also hold an obligation to Rob Manfred because he is the boss. You wouldn’t want to disappoint your boss would you?

The Cardinals ownership of Bill Dewitt Jr. and president of baseball operations John Mozeliak understand that these are troubling times for baseball and fans. The Cardinals as a small market team, may not be able to afford another losing season as they did in 2020.

Fans miss out the most

The MLB will most certainly lose fans because of this lockout. The everyday fan and everyday person cannot stand to watch billionaires protect their dollars over a game. At the end of the day, we are the ones who support the product the most and give a lot of money to the teams and the league.

While we are sitting here waiting for the season, the MLB and the organizations are sending emails about buying tickets and packages for this upcoming season. Why on earth should we spend money on your product when we have no idea if it will begin and when that will happen?

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The MLB TV subscription is also set to auto-renew tomorrow and many fans are rightfully dropping that subscription. Why support a league that does not care about your or their players?

Baseball is America’s pastime game and it will always be one of the best sports there is. The league has so many exciting players and opportunities ahead if they could just get out of their own way.

Back to work

Whenever baseball decides to resume, the Cardinals front office has quite a bit of work to do. Many free agents still need to be signed, some players need to figure out what level they will be playing.

With the new rule implementations, the Cardinals are not likely to make another big splash in the market. They made that splash with the signing of Steven Matz.

Our hopes of signing a big-name DH are very unlikely. Even the pipe dream of signing Albert Pujols to a contract is very unlikely. According to Katie Woo, writer for the Cardinals on The Athletic, the Cardinals will likely have a DH by committee with multiple players serving that role.

The Cardinals are mainly focused on their pitching staff and their bullpen. With the questions centered around the shortstop position as well, they will likely figure all of this out with in-house moves. They could sign a few more free agents for the bullpen to suffice for this next season.


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