Grateful to be a Cardinals Fan


The St. Louis Cardinals are one of the most successful franchises in the entire world of sports. Have you ever thought how great it is being a Cardinals fan? Right before I went to bed last night, I had that realization.

Wow, life is good as a Cardinals fan. Could things be better? Of course they could, but we are a pretty spoiled fanbase. The holidays are here; it is the time of the year when we are a little more thankful and our hearts open up bigger than ever. Maybe it is the holidays talking, but I love being a Cardinals fan.

Cardinal in the City of Angels

After living in a small town in central Illinois my entire life, I lived in Los Angeles for the past five months. It was a whole new world for me–surrounded by Dodger Blue–and it took some getting used to it.

You see, the St. Louis Cardinals, objectively speaking, have perhaps the best fanbase in all of MLB. Busch Stadium is always toward the top of league attendance and the city loves wearing its red. With such a small market, we deserve more credit as fans.

Venturing out of the Midwest, you do not see too many Cardinals fans. Los Angeles is a melting pot of people all around the world, but still, it is not every day you see a guy on Hollywood Blvd wearing a Cardinals hat. That feeling can make you homesick after a while.

Then one day, I decided to go to Raising Cane’s. When you live in the middle of nowhere in Illinois, you dream about visiting Cane’s. I knew this day would be special–because any day at Cane’s is–but I did not know it would be as pleasant as it was. That day, I saw somebody wearing a Cardinals shirt for the first time since my arrival.

I try to keep my emotions in check, but that Yadier Molina shirt gave me the biggest smile. When you are out on your own for the first time, little things like that remind you of home. After that, I started to notice a few ballcaps of the Redbirds pop up here and then, but nothing crazy.

The reason being a Cardinals fan is so special is that you do not have random people around the globe wearing your hat. It really means something to be a Cardinals fan. People do not join the club because it is cool, but because they love the team. Something about that is really special to me.

Be Thankful

The St. Louis Cardinals are a great team to support. When we have a bad season, it is far better than some teams who may be having one of their best seasons in some time. We do not have the big bucks like other teams, but we make do.

We just got to experience Albert Pujols having one of the most fun seasons of all time while making history at the same time. On top of that, Yadier Molina got his farewell tour. 2022 did not end the way we wanted, but it was one heck of a year.

Did we spend an arm and a leg to get a guy like Trea Turner? No, we did not. Are we going to compete for years down the road and have a team with two MVP candidates? You bet we are.

It is easy to go on Twitter and express your hatred for John Mozeliak or Oliver Marmol’s playoff decision-making, but the next time you do, just think, you could be a Chicago Cubs fan.

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