5 Reasons why the Cardinals can’t lose on Friday

I am not a big “rah rah” guy. Don’t get me wrong, I am fanatical when it comes to the Cardinals, especially in postseason games. I have certain things I can and cannot do on game days, and while the game is going on. Some call it weird; I call it – doing what I can for the sake of the organization. Anyways, tonight’s game five is huge. The Cardinals have won five in a row of these types of games. Does that make it automatic that they are going to win tonight? No way. Do they have a chance tonight? Certainly. Vegas lists them as underdog at +122. Vegas has been wrong before. Right Vegas? Remember last year, when people were cashing in $100,000+ on the Cardinals to win the World Series. Ahhh – only if that was me!

Adam Wainright has shown the ability to shut down opposing offenses. So has Gio Gonzalez. The Cardinals offense has shown the ability to hit in clutch situations, Jayson Werth proved that to be the case for Washington on Thursday. Both bullpens have gotten outs when needed, but also allowed big base hits, or in Lance Lynn’s case – the long ball. The defense for both teams has been suspect; just ask Pete Kozma or Ian Desmond. What I am trying to say is – coming into this game – these teams are pretty even. Yes, they really are pretty even. While Gio may have the slight edge over Wainwright at home, the Cardinals offense overall has the edge over Washington. Defense? If anything, I’ll take a more experienced Cardinals crew. Remember Ryan Zimmerman flinging baseballs across the diamond? Bullpens? While we hope Mike Matheny uses his best pitchers, no matter the situation, Davey Johnson’s crew struck out 8 Cardinals in a row on Thursday. Maybe a slight edge to Washington. Enough of that – here are five good reasons the Cardinals WILL win:

  1. 5.       I am not ready to quit watching baseball quite yet – While we all know October Baseball takes a toll on a fan, it’s not time for it to be over. Basketball isn’t quite here yet, and well NFL is just one day a week really. Let’s be honest, if the Cardinals don’t make the NLCS, I won’t watch much of San Francisco/Washington.
  2. Kyle Lohse can’t really be done in St. Louis yet, can he? – Wouldn’t it make more sense if Lohse picked up that big win as his last start? Or even – got smoked in his final outing as a Cardinal, since we’ve seen that side of him before. While Lohse pitched great, game four won’t really be about him. We need a Kyle Lohse signature moment before the season is over.
  3. Cub fans continue to be cursed – Well, duh. But what does this have to do with the Cardinals? They already have their Facebook statuses set, and 140 characters on Twitter typed out for when the Cardinals lose Friday. What better way to keep their grimy little hands away from the keyboard than advance to the NLCS?
  4. The sign guy and Joe Sports Fan are already prepared for the NLCS – After Wednesday’s game, I am sure he had to get all of his material ready for three home games next week. With this economy, we cannot waste all of that material. Put it to good use – you can have an unlimited amount of Busting Posey and the “Milk Man” jokes, I am sure. And the folks at JSF have been prepping for the Jeffrey Leonard jokes for some time. Even the man himself said he was ready. He has even been telling them to himself to warm up.
  5. Because this is our team, and we refuse to lose – While this one may be a bit of a stretch, and may turn into a little rah rah speech – we are Cardinal Nation, and this is our team. We the fan, won’t have a say in this game, but dang it – we don’t lose these type of games. Maybe we are spoiled from a season ago, and it’s bound to happen sometime. Even the best go down on occasion. But knowing the effort put forth by the Cardinals club last season, and to this point in 2012 – this team won’t lose in a big game. Wainwright, Molina, Freese, etc will not allow it.

Thanks for reading – now go do some deja, deja, deja, déjà vu and prepare for a Cardinals big red weazy W!